Gravure Cylinders

Gravure Cylinders at GulfScan

Our gravure printing cylinders are manufactured at our facilities using highly sophisticated technology of digital engraving or laser exposing equipment enabling direct engraving to the cylinder without the need to use film material. The guarantee we offer is excellent reproduction fidelity from the original art.

We work with the latest generation technology for all our cylinder processes all of which are operated and supervised by highly trained technicians with expertise and experience gained through training as per industry standards followed world wide and through constant feedback from flexible packaging printing companies.

We use the latest digital engraving equipment to engrave the gravure cylinders up to 2.5 meters length for the flexible packaging and decorative laminate industry.

We know only too well exactly what packaging printers require from us-to deliver excellence to our mutual clients. We achieve and ensure the highest possible accuracy at all production levels. The process of building a client’s corporate image often starts and ends at our engineering workshops.