Emotional Connection

Every brand owner communicates with their consumer through a package of their product.  The ability to make its presence felt on the shelf largely depends on how this package visually connects with consumer. For a brand owner perhaps the most persuasive opportunity is to make an emotional connection with consumer. Image on this package should have the ability to incite a reaction from the consumer that the brand wishes to illicit.

Add Life to colors

Creating flawless skin tones, mouthwatering image of strawberry, alluring smooth caramel, creamy chocolate on those famous packs can be done with artistically finessed   and technically executed  colors. Achieving perfect and precise color in the image, sharpness, texture further enhances the emotional connection with consumer. This is achieved at Gulf Scan by their expert creative retouching team. Also an element of visual completeness and a special effect in the image is sometime difficult to shoot, which can only be done by creative retouching.


When a brand owner gets his core of creative concept through a visually connected image of his product, the package does not only look memorable, with high recall value but it enhances the trust of consumer in that package and product both. This is where Gulf Scan plays a very defining role of getting the image right.


Gulf Scan is recognized as expert for exceptional creative retouching and skilled technical execution. Our creative imaging team is known for almost two decades for helping art directors and brand managers fully realize a brand’s vision in packaging and advertising – at home, on the go, at the store and on the shelf.

Competitive Edge – X factor

We at Gulf Scan give an artistic finish to the images by bringing out the precise colors, sharpness, texture and that extra ‘x’ factor of integrated value giving these images full allowance to resonate emotionally with consumers. This way package jumps off the shelf and the brand bursts through the clutter. It makes the product look good enough to eat, wear and use. This helps brand owners gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.